Welcome to the library

Welcome to my library. It has been a joy to see how Harry, our first Grandchild, has responded to some of the books we have found for him. From a very early age he would be entranced by Grandma’s rendition of “Goodnight Gorilla!”, I think in a single day she was required to read it 50 times. Now he’s a little older he’ll be moving on beyond picture books but for the moment I’m still finding some that he likes. The blog will talk about some of my favourites.

There are many good lists of children books; for example there is a nice list of lists on Goodreads. We see many strong favourites on these lists such as The Gruffalo and Cat In The Hat, Winnie The Pooh and The Hobbit. I’m writing about the books that have some special significance for me, giving preference to those that it seems are not well known. I’m always looking for ┬ánew books for the Grandchildren, so if you have any special favourites then please drop me an email via the Contact page.

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