Those Pesky Rabbits

There are some occasions when Grandad may be a little, shall we say, grumpy. Comparisons with a bear with a sore head may reasonably be made. This may be why I so warm to this delightful story about Bear, who lives on his own, and likes it that way and certainly doesn’t need to socialise with his new, friendly, bouncy, irrepressible rabbit neighbours.

Those Pesky Rabbits


Ciara Flood

Templar 2015

There are many tales of hard hearts being softened, of discovery of friendship and the realisation of the joys of giving; The Selfish Giant, The Grinch and Scrooge come to mind. This book is quite a quite outstanding rendition of the theme. Right from the front cover you know this is going to fun! The expressions on the rabbits’ faces, Mr Bear’s body language, all bounce off the page. And so it continues throughout this lovely book, every page brings a smile. The final scenes as  Bear engages with the rabbits (and reads them stories!) are beautiful. Look for all the little details: what is the mouse doing? He sneaks into nearly every page. Compare the Home Sweet Home Tapestries at the beginning and end of the book.

Every grandad library needs this book!


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