Diary of a Wombat

This book was discovered by my daughter Suzie, she’s Harry’s mum, when she was in Australia. To be honest this one is for me; kids do love it, teachers say their classes love it, but I treasure it because my daughter came back safe and sound from Australia – and it is sidesplittingly funny!

Diary of a Wombat


Jackie French, illustrated by Bruce Whatley

Clarion 2010

Told from the perspective of a simple Wombat, with very few needs; sleep a bit, sleep a bit more, eat some carrots, make a nice burrow, eat more carrots, explain to human that more carrots are needed. The pictures capture this most pleasant existence and in passing shows the chaotic impact it has on the humans who are blessed with a wombat. Hilarious, and as you can see from the cover the illustrations are perfect.

There are several follow-on books in the series and we love them all. However the most interesting is a non-fiction book, The Secret World of Wombats, which gives a great deal of factual information about Wombats and some charming anecdotes about the real wombats Jackie French encountered and lived with. Her first manuscript was sent to the publisher having been typed on a type-writer whose letter ‘e’ did not work because of wombat damage! It adds to the enjoyment of Diary of a Wombat to realise that it’s a pretty realistic account of having a wombat come to live in your garden.



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