The Storm Whale in Winter

We discovered two lovely books in the Maryport Maritime Museum, one was Flotsam and the other was this story, which grabbed my attention because I thought Harry would relate to it; he does so like having adventures with his Dad! I’m happy to say that he did love it.

The Storm Whale in Winter

Benji Davis

Simon & Schuster, 2016


I didn’t realise it at the time I bought the book, but this is a sequel to the very well regarded The Storm Whale. This book works stand-alone, and I’d read it to Harry quite a few times before realising that there was a previous book, but it does refer back to the original and the early part of the story might be a little easier to understand if we had the original too.

The story is about Noi and his fisherman father and Noi bravely setting across the snow and ice to find his father, and how the Storm Whale Noi rescued (in the previous book) comes to his own rescue. The story is quite captivating, and the pictures very nicely done; Harry related very strongly to the scene of Noi all alone in the dark in his father’s boat. There are lots little details in the pictures, it’s fun to find to find all the cats at the start of the story.

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