So many great web resources to help grandads find wonderful things for the grandchildren. For the moment I’m only thinking about book-related sites, and even so there’s are many.

  • Goodreads is a go-to site for book reviews and lists of books. It’s owned by Amazon and when you finish a book on your Kindle you are encouraged to review the book on Goodreads. The Goodreads Childrens’s Genre has many sub-genres Pre-K, Picture Books, Young Readers so in principle it should be possible to browse for the kind of book you want to find. However the site is so comprehensive that I find myself overwhelmed. The lists of books do help, but I find the majority of the lists rather pedestrian. Net: it’s a great site which I find most useful for reading about books I’ve already found some other way.
  • Story Snug is a very readable blog. It offers reviews of chosen books, and also sometimes groups together mini-reviews of several related books, for example Activity Books or Books About Friendship; I find those very useful. There are also links to interesting web content relating to children’s books and perhaps most interesting of all: interviews with authors and illustrators.
  • The Book Trust lists of great children’s books are a great starting point. So many loved titles here!

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